About Us

Elin Group has been innovative continuously since 1981 until today due to its corporate culture inquisitive structure . ELİN Group was established by ELİN Renewable Energy Systems Inc. company in order to provide Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning (EPC), Operating and Maintenance, Repair (O&M) services for Renewable Energy Systems with its expert technical personnel and experience on the subject, with the understanding that the renewable energy resources will contribute positively in country finance and environmental effects.

Our company aims always to be the best not the biggest in all business branches it is active in.
In this sense, it targets to be a brand that is leading, working in accordance with the international standards, adapting to the technological developments, first to come to mind in its sector.

We took the road as our slogan is Energy is our Business, because we are a team that renews itself continuously, full of Energy, gives a positive Energy to its customers and suppliers.

Energy is our Business…

Elin Group Company

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