Consultancy and Expert Services

• Consultancy services to investors
• Expert services to Banks and Insurance
• Establishment of measurement station before license tender and reporting Services

Design and Engineering Services

• Design Services with Simulation programs accepted by banks and Insurance institutions
• Project follow up and approval Services
• Project management Services
• Technical Evaluation and Feasibility works
• Research and Development (R&D) Services

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPC) Services

On-Grid Systems;

• Grand Scale Energy Projects (≥MW)

• Mid-Scale Energy Projects (≤ MW)

• Energy Projects on land or rooftop of industrial bodies

Off-Grid Systems;

• Submerged pump systems for watering projects
• Lighting systems
• Telecommunication systems
• Settlements far from the grid
• Vineyard and Farm houses
• Worksite Container applications
• Mobile applications
• Park and garden Lighting Systems
• Base stations and Antenna systems
• City Furniture(Bus stops, Billboard etc.) Lighting systems

Product Procurement

• PV Module
• Inverter
• Remote production Monitoring and Meteorology data monitoring Systems
• Scada System
• Solar Montage Systems
• Mid-Voltage Cells
• Transformer
• AC and DC Panels
• AC and DC Cables
• Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS) Systems
• CCTV, Alarm and Lighting Systems

Operating and Maintenance, Repair (O&M) Services

• Periodical maintenance of energy facilities
• Emergency Intervention, fault removal
• Remote Monitoring and Intervention
• PV Module cleaning and technical controls
• High Voltage Facilities Operating Responsibility

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